25 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

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I mean, that’s how you give yourself peace of mind right? Knowing that just because your hairbrush broke before work, someone else might be dealing with a WAY worse problem. In the moment it’s hard to think about that stuff. In the moment, you are upset, emotional and maybe even a little angry. You don’t have time to think about other people and their issues. But, it’s always nice to try and think of the bigger picture.

If you have difficulty doing this, here are 25 people who are having a way worse day than you are. Some of them, as bad as it is to say, are pretty hilarious.

This is the opposite of resting in peace.

This is the opposite of resting in peace.

The saddest garbage man in the world.


1. Here’s the first photo. This person probably was showing off his art at an art show. Picture it: they were carrying this out of the car, then BAM…it fell on the ground. Guess it still kind of looks artsy, no?

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

2. Highly, highly doubt this man was aware that there was a squad of wolves behind him while this photo was taken. Otherwise, there would have been a very different facial expression on him. The real question here is…what happened next?

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You


3. Not all of us are morning people. For those of us who aren’t, getting dressed in the morning might be a complete blur. This guy was blurring till probably 12 pm! Reddit user Sir Spank ALot wrote, “I’ve been at work for four hours now. I just saw this”. Shame!

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

4. This is the perfect example on how to LOSE AT LIFE. Literally. This person would have had all the numbers if they were only a number above or below the winning numbers. I don’t know about you, but that would frustrate the HECK out of me!

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You


5. This is a photo that Reddit user Fat Bald Bitter And Angry submitted and it’s pretty hilarious. They wrote, “What happens when you go for the rear defrost but hit the sunroof. Alaska style.” This guy’s face really says it all. The snow on his head is the icing on the cake!

People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

6. Honestly, if this happened to me, I’d probably take a minute or two to look at the situation, then walk right back to my bedroom, take a pillow and just cry in it. This is perhaps one of the worst ways to start off your morning. The day is over. Officially.


7. We’re all human. We all tend to forget things. Especially when there are 50000 other things running through our minds. Well, this person in particular totally forgot to roll up their window RIGHT before a snowstorm. That car was probably a massive puddle by the end of it. So unfortunate.


8. Guys have a way of ripping their pants at social events. Usually, they do a big dance move at a wedding that causes the back of their pants to tear. But this guy clearly took a wide step at this events and awkwardly tore the front of his pants. Hopefully, he handled it super classy. I mean, he had no choice. Everyone is watching.


9. Okay, how does that even happen? You have to have some really bad luck in your life for this to just randomly happen to the door of your car. At least if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a car door looks like, this will put your mind at ease. This person’s day was set for this situation. Can only go uphill from there.

10. Reddit user lofty_ginger submitted this photo, writing “So my sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to everything they test for. Her worst reaction was to horses”. Not only is it crappy to be allergic to things, but also after to have your back look like this. YIKES!


11. It’s every student’s nightmare to miss the day of their final exams at school. You’ve seen shows where they have an episode like that. Well, this person had that dream become a reality. If my friend texted me that, and I mixed up the days, I would cry. Straight up, I’d ball my eyes out!!

12. Redditor Fritzf submitted this hilarious photo, writing “The owner of the apartment told us it will be a green/blue party. (Blue is a German expression for being drunk and green for weed). This guy thought we make a costume party”. Well, that’s horrible but at least it entertained everyone and made for a pretty great photo.


13. Again, this is one of these photos that you just want to know what happened next. It’s like an untold story that you never figure out the end of. This guy not only was going through the anxiety of being in a closed off space…but he also happened to come face to face with a grizzly bear. Poor guy. Hope he survived.

14. This is a photo that was submitted by redditor Thechuz1337. They wrote, “The F fell off my ford fiesta flame. Now I drive a Ford Fiesta Lame”. I wouldn’t look at that as a bad thing, I would look at it like a good thing. Who would want to steal a lame car right? It worked out for the better. In my opinion.


15. This kid has the worst luck. However, if it was a hot day that day, that kid was actually a winner. What are the odds that you are sitting in a group of 20+ people and the sprinkler chooses to spray directly in YOUR face? Well, he definitely stood out from the crowd.

16. It’s not every day that you come face to face with a porcupine. Even more, it’s not every day that a porcupine falls out of a tree and lands directly on your head. Just looking at this girl’s head all I can really think is “OUCH!”. Wonder how long it took her to take every single spike out of her head. Yeesh!


17. This redditor submitted this particular photo, writing “Some water running from the roof got stuck in the paint on the ceiling. Now what” (Nsfw_porn_only). I mean, looking at this photo the idea is horrible, but it does give a retro look to the ceiling and to the home in general. But getting that fix was probably an expensive pain!

18. Well isn’t this pretty ironic? This is a horrible thing to happen. Imagine calling the fire department for an emergency, they come to your house and then this situation happens. If this isn’t bad luck for the firefighter and for the people who needed them, I don’t know what is. Hopefully, everything ended up being alright.


19. You hear about a ton of people having a fear of flying. They make up all these worst case scenarios in their heads. Either the plane is gonna crash or something is going to break off randomly. It rarely happens. Unfortunately for the people on this flight, it did happen. I would freak.the.heck.out.

20. A lot of people rely on different remedies to keep them stress free. That could be certain mists to keep you calm, doing meditation, or literally rubbing a stress relieving cream. But what are the odds that you are getting ready and that cream falls on the ground and breaks. It’s like you were meant to be extra stressed or something!


21. Nothing is more annoying than when you need to use any form of technology and an update decides to start. Which typically takes 5 hours of your day. This person specifically just wanted some water and then the system decided to upgrade. How annoying, and frustrating. They probably just ended up having a water bottle or something.

22. Redditor BryanwithaY submitted this particular photo. They wrote, “Halloween 1989. That’s me on the right. My sister is behind me and about to have a really bad day”. All your siblings are having a fun time during Halloween and you have to fall off the swing. Of all days to have an injury. She better have gotten extra candy for that.


23. This girl did a trip to the zoo. Just like anyone, she was taking photos of all the animals and the scenery. Completely normal right? Well, she happened to have dropped her phone in the alligator section. Let’s just say, she had zero desire in getting that phone back. Not worth it girl, totally not worth it.

24. This happened to this woman after she took these bananas out of the grocery bag. You’d THINK this was annoying, but look at the bright side. There are so many recipes that contains bananas. Some being banana milkshake, banana bread, banana cake. Endless possibilities.


25. Redditor Krissy_lin submitted this photo. She wrote, “My mom almost crashed her car today cause a snake started coming out of her vents while she was driving”. I think if this happened to anyone, regardless what age, gender…anyone, they’d get a heart attack at the wheel. How does this even happen? That is FREAKY!


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