4 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin in Summers

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Summer is back and so is the oily skin, in summer heat make the pores open and sebum keeps the skin moist. In this condition bacteria and sweat make the skin irritating that give rise to a pimple and acne. Although dermatologist suggests everyone needs to drink more water and consumer mostly liquids in summer to keep the skin hydrated, sunburn is a major problem. Wearing sunscreen is although recommended layering makeup and making it stay for long is one of the major problems in summer.

Most of the time we skip makeup just because it does not stay and even if we apply make up the only thing we are concerned about is to touch up. Most of the companies make waterproof makeup which is good but expensive, not only this but layering chemicals on sensitive skin can become even worse. Just because it’s summer and you have oily skin does not mean you can’t wear makeup at all. Dermatologist suggests to make sure everyone is wearing sunscreen, but applying makeup is still a problem. We have got solution your makeup problems in summer, they are very effective.

Healthy skin: Although there are instant ways to help the makeup stay longer the best thing is to eradicate the problem from the root. This summer makes healthy face packs and face mask that are totally natural, this will control oil on the skin and this will naturally help your makeup to stay longer. Lemon, mint, rosewater, oat, honey are best for your skin. Make a face mask by mixing any of them and this will be best for your skin. You can mix lemon juice, honey, and rose water this will sooth your skin and cure the sunburn or any heat damage. Honey has natural antibacterial qualities and helps to cure acne, lemon helps in cleansing skin and removing the dirt. Mint is one of the best face pack you can use in summer, this will give a cooling effect to the skin and help to soothe the pores on the skin, and this is also very effective for cleaning with gentle massage it can work just like a scrub. All these things are natural and have no side effect. Drink as much water as you can, if you don’t like water add some flavor to it. One of the best and healthy ways include diffusion water where you can add the fruits of your choice in the water. Not only this enhance the flavor but also add vitamins and minerals to the water.

Makeup selection: It is very important to know what you are applying on the skin. In winters primer can be a little oily, you can even add a little moisturizer but it summer you have to make sure primer is totally oil free. Even a little oil can be a problem, make sure you select a good oil-free primer. Apply this primer on your face especially on forehead, nose, and chin, they are the areas with most oil.  Make sure you are applying it on clean skin, any dirt or remaining makeup only add problems. Apply primer before adding anything on a skin, this will help your skin stay fresh and retain the makeup for longer. Some primers are too good that they can help the makeup stay the whole day. All you have to do is a little research before you buy a product. Don’t compromise on your skin, cheap products sometimes provide exact finishing but they have harmful chemicals that affect your skin on the long term. Sometimes we use the same primer for the whole face, this is effective but what’s more effective is that you need to buy primer that is specially designed for eyelids, this will provide good coverage and will help the skin to absorb the eye shadow as well as eyeliner that will help it to stay longer than usual.

Use powder: Apply powder after makeup, this will help you to absorb the oil on the sponge but what’s even better is it will make the makeup stay a little longer. Where most of the women think it’s good to pile up powder because this will absorb oil, makeup experts don’t agree to it. They say layering too much powder clog pores which make the pores irritating and as a result, they can exchange oxygen and even worse push sebum on the surface, this makes the skin shiny and oil becomes more visible. While selecting the powder it is very important to get translucent powder and while applying just use a regular brush rather than a sponge. In case you think there is too much powder clean it gently with a damp sponge. The main area to apply powder is on shiny areas especially on the nose a T-zone. Don’t press too much while applying powder this will clog pores and may irritate the skin resulting in the breakout.

Backup plan: It’s good to make sure you do everything perfectly to reduce the chance of oily skin at all but it’s even better to have a backup plan. Keep oil absorbing sheet with you, if you see shiny spots on the skin make sure to use the oil absorbing sheets. No matter how matte and perfect your makeup is there is always a chance of getting oil on the surface in summer, rather than washing or touching up it’s better to just gently dab the sheets where ever you feel a shiny spot on the face. They are refreshing and do not need a lot of effort at all. There are two types of sheets, along with oil absorbing sheets some blotting papers are also available in the market. Some oil absorbing sheets just absorb the oil from skin and you can see it on the sheet while there are some who not only absorb the oil but also add the powder to the skin. You can select anyone according to your choice but it’s better not to add the powder to the skin. Mostly while using these absorbing sheets women rub them on the skin, this ends up removing the makeup, the best way is to gently dab where ever there is a shiny patch and gently lift it rather than scratching the skin. Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.

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