Half up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

You want a perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day. The wedding dress has to be perfect so does the hairstyle. Ladies have different types and lengths of hair and thus the choice of the hairstyle changes accordingly. The most important thing is that you should consider which hairstyle goes best with your dress. The type of wedding dress changes the hairstyles because the entire look of the bride should be complimentary.

Best Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Length Hair:

Bumped Hairdo: It is a very simple and cute hairstyle which is mostly referred as the French style. It has French twist which is often made into a bump to appear more attractive. It looks like a waterfall and is very simple to make. You just need to twist half of your hair and pin them up and you can also add loose curls at the bottom of hair to give it a complete look.

hairstyles for medium length hair

Half up with Loose Braid: The half u with braid makes you look decent and elegant with a dress which is long and has frills. You just need to make a loose side braid of almost half of your hair from the upper portion and then just make the braid loose. It will add volume to your hair which looks amazing and is best for the people who have a medium length.

Side Curls and Lace Veil: The brides have a veil at the top of the head in their wedding dress. The best hairstyle in such situation is to go with side curls. You can just shift all your hair at either side or then pin them up on the neck and the hair below is given loose curls with a hair curler. You can then easily put on your lace veil and go on for your wedding day.

hairstyles for medium length hair

Often girls like a floral crown on their head on the wedding day. You can just make a loose curl with your hands of half of the hair and then add the floral crown in a way that it looks like a part of the twist. The floral crowns give a very delicate look to the bride.

Voluminous Pony Tail: Ponytails are a simple hairstyle which makes the bride look attractive. You can backcomb your hair and then tie them up with a shiny or fancy band. The look will be simple though with the ponytail but the added volume will make it look different.

Twisted Half Up Twists give an attractive and appealing look and are also quite simple to make. The bride can easily carry her wedding dress with the twisted updo. The hair from both sides is taken and then twisted till the middle of the head. Finally, they are pinned together and the loose twists are amazing to look.

Sectioned Twist Style: You don’t need to go for the twists all the time in a simple way rather you can add something more to the technique of twisting. You can make sectioned twists by taking small portions of the hair and twisting them separately. Finally, just pin them all up together and you are going to go. One of the most awesome looking hairstyle for the wedding day is curled hairdo with tendrils. You can make this hairstyle by curling up all your hair loosely and then pinning up random hair strands at the lower part of the head. It will give you an enchanting look on your special day.

Curled Hairdo with Tendrils

Sophisticated Pull Back with Cascade: The waterfall or cascade is the hairstyle which goes with most of the wedding dresses and gives the bride a perfect look according to the special day. You can pull back your hair in a sophisticated manner and make the strands pin-up like a waterfall. The strands are pinned in a manner that they appear like a waterfall.

Fancy Knots: The knots in hair look like small flowers which are attractive in appearance. You can make small knots of your hair at the bottom and make them pin-up. The final look is amazing because the knots look like special flowers of hair.

Spiraled Style: The spiraled hairstyle is very appealing and they are also very simple to make. You can just use a hair curler to make loose or tight spirals according to your dress and the hairstyle which suits you the best. The spirals can be tied to the lower region of the head or at the side of the head with the pins.

Nautical Style: The nautical hairstyle is although somewhat technical to make but it gives a charming and fascinating look. You can make the nautical style by making a loose braid starting at the lower region of hair and then make curls of the rest of the hair. You can make the braid as ending with the loose curls which give a very captivating look to the bride.

Low Loose Buns: The loose buns are best when the dress has low back because it makes the bride look endearing. You can backcomb the hair on the front and then make a loose bun with the help of pins and bun holder. The loose buns are simplest and they have an appealing look. The hair is loosely tied at the bottom and the dress with a low backline makes the bun look delicate.

Crisscross Style: You can make a crisscross style with your medium sized hair on the wedding day. You will need to take strands from both sides of the head one by one and then make a crisscross style with the strands. You can then tie them up with the pins and have a crisscrossed look till the bottom of the hair. The brides want to look perfect on their wedding day and they are not only worried about their hairstyle but as well. The hairstyle has to compliment the dress and thus the choice is quite difficult but now with our hairstyles, you can choose the best one for yourself.

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